CINDY FARNY bought High Camp from her parent's in 2005 who instilled her love for being outside. My parent's Dave and Sherry bought High Camp in 1989 for a place to take their guests on Friday nights while running Skyline Guest Ranch. Skyline Ranch was the base camp and this property became High Camp. As many of my guests know I love working at High Camp and imporving it every year with projects that make it a more comforatable place to stay. My motto is if people do not enjoy being in nature they will not help to protect it. I think you will find your stay very enjoyable and welcome you to come stay!

KENT JONES | High Camp is lucky to have Kent helping to make this a better place. He knows how to fix anything better than it was and continues to help Cindy with all her crazy ideas!! He comes from Southwest Colorado and was a hunting guide for many years in the country around High Camp. If you are lucky enough to meet Kent during your stay you will realize how lucky I am to have his help. You can ask him anything because he has been working up here full time for over 10 years. His love and care for this property shows!

MATT GUERTIN  | Hi Friends, I'm Matt an avid adventurer and life stoker. I believe we are here to enjoy life, be kind and explore our potentials. Theres fewer and fewer places to explore naturally to learn about our relationship with the great outdoors - I’m here to bridge that gap. High Camp is the first of the Huts Ive been able to help promote and manage. From kids camps to private gatherings and retreats, this place is perfect to explore the vertical beauty of the San Juan Mountains. I believe you only protect what you love. I want more people to love our natural world and build a relationship with it. From seeing our imprint on the world to break down our ignorance of the industries we support with our dollars I believe the realization starts with our relationships. From vision quests, fasting in the outdoors to long hikes and backpacks to cold plunging and big mountain runs and ski descents - all are ways to see our small insignificance and our reliance on this planet. If you have an idea of a mountain weekend experience I am open to all ideas and love to try anything. I think it’s important to “go first” there is no set way to live or experience. Like George Schaub says: “the reasonable man adapts himself to the world, an unreasonable man persists in adapting the world to himself, therefor all progress relies on the unreasonable man”. Let’s get unreasonable people!


CHELSEY RAJAVOURI | My journey into the abyss of all around "wellness" has been ever-evolving. Growing up camping, hiking, fishing, snowshoeing, and exploring the untouched wilderness of places like the Boundary Waters in Minnesota, the vast frontier of Alaska, and the unpredictably pristine volcanoes of Washington, I built a strong connection with nature pretty much from the beginning. After the last 7 years of traveling the world- backpacking, living, learning, hiking mountains, teaching yoga, creating art, studying nutrition, meditating, and experiencing new cultural perspectives in Australia, Southeast Asia, Costa Rica, Mexico, and Peru, I decided to set some roots in Telluride (flexible roots, of course). To me, the mountains have a healing power unlike anything I've ever experienced. I love the stillness of being completely separated from the daily grind of society. I love the sense of accomplishment and empowerment you gain when you reach a peak and know that YOU DID THAT. I love to live my life intentionally and mindfully, and work to do so in every action, thought, move, decision I make each day. The first time I set my eyes on the land that is now High Camp Collective, I had chills. I knew it was a special place, and I knew it had to be shared. To me it is a place for everyone. A place to meet yourself as you are, open yourself to nature, expand your comfort zone, learn and grow and flow and laugh and just enjoy the moment. Reconnect with your true self, create space in your life and your mind, and let go of what is holding you back from living your best life.