Over the course of the summer we will be hosting four High Camp Collective retreats and invite all walks of life to join us in a like-minded circle to unplug and reconnect.  You scope out the itinerary, book your spot, and let us take care of the rest.


Telluride Collective

We are bringing together a collaboration of all the best Telluride has to offer. From local businesses to new start ups, exploring backcountry with top athletes and learning from each other in an off the grid setting. This weekend we are packing in High Camp to be a weekend of mastery and wellness in the most beautiful of settings. Interested? Book your spot and receive more info!


A man's retreat

GUYS! Heard of tough mudder, warrior dash, buds or basic training? Combine that with fasting, breathing techniques, cold plunges, night time mountain summits and overall a weekend to change your life. We explore books and literature that feeds conversations and sparks action into our uncomfortable places in the wild. Get ready this is a new platform to change the way you do life daily.


Explore Unknowns

With speakers, guides and books on space, earth and the connection to ourselves - this weekend is for the curious and creative. Using the theme of space and the unknown we are going to explore not only the sky above but different parts of our world and how we live in it. Taking from different parts of the natural world - we use and explore our off the grid setting to open our minds to a completely new way of living and experience. 


For the ladies

A yoga retreat that blows yoga retreats away. This retreats strives for action and pushing limits rather than passive relaxations. Sure, we get that in too but "Work Your Wild" is about taking steps to discover different things about yourself and the community within our retreat to bond, adventure and achieve new potentials and push boundaries you never thought you'd touch.