Avalanche Danger: 

There is no avalanche danger accessing the High Camp Hut. Most terrain around the Hut is easy to moderate and is not prone to avalanches. More extreme skiing is located on the north side of Sheep Mountain. Please check the weather before you depart.

Road Closures:

On big storms Lizard Head Pass can close in the winter. Be prepared for this by staying up to date on weather as your date arrives. If we are predicted to have a big storm we will communicate with you how to go about arrival and departure. If in event of closure be prepared to stay an extra day or arrive a day later depending on the storm. Talk to us with questions.

Arrival / Departure:

Check in and Check out are both at 1pm. Most leave before this and the arrivals usually take longer than expected. Winter time to the hut from the parking area is about 2.5 hours at a leisurely pace. In the summer you can make it up in less than 2 hours at a good hiking pace. Remember to bring navigation or take the road up.


High Camp is powered via solar panels into batteries that power lights inside the cabin. We do not have sockets or ability to charge devices. If you need battery for pictures or navigation please bring additional batteries or charging blocks. Turn lights off when not using and conserve power!


There is a 4 burner propane stove and oven to cook food. Many of the supplies to cook, bake, chop and make most meals are up there. Please try to conserve the propane and make sure you LIGHT THE PILOT LIGHT OF THE OVEN. You’ll have to get down to ground level to be sure that the pilot light ignites and turns on before assuring the propane stove is on and safe. Read the instructions in the hut.


All bathroom needs are taken care of in our thrownroom outhouses (two) located just behind the hut. They are fully equipped with TP and wood chips to be put down the hole after each use. Don’t let this scare or deter you - they are very pleasant, smell great, roomy, and and overall outdoor experience. Bring a book stay awhile!


You provide your own food. If you would like a fully outfitted catered trip ask about it at reservation check out. We have basic spices up there so whatever you need make sure you bring with you. Please take everything back down with you.


There is clean drinking water available at the hut. In the summer use facet and washing tubs for dishes (please conserve water) in winter please use snowmelt with pot provided and keep melted on top of Pot Belly stove. Theres no need to bring extra drinking water to the hut for your trip just the hike up for personal use.

Cell Phones: 

Cell phones do not work at the cabin. Cell phones will work closer to Rico or Telluride.

Warming the Hut: 

If it is necessary to make a fire, keep it small to start. Be sure the flue is open and the stove is drawing well. Gradually make a hotter fire and let it burn down before bed. The Hut is well insulated and stays warm thru the night. Cutting, hauling, and stacking firewood is expensive and labor intensive. Burn judiciously!

Fire Precautions:

 There are fire extinguishers and smoke alarms in the cabin. Please familiarize yourself and your group with all possible fire exits. If fire is uncontrollable, get everybody out, with boots and clothing if possible. Report any damage to Cindy.

Back Country Preparedness:

Weather in the mountains can change rapidly. A clear calm morning at a trailhead can turn quickly and, without warning, into heavy snow and driving winds. Hypothermia, frostbite, and altitude sickness are common problems in the mountains. Be sure you know how to prevent, recognize, and treat these potentially life-threatening conditions. Start early in the day and allow plenty of time to reach the High Camp Hut. Remember, your pace must accommodate the weakest member of your group.

Emergencies and First Aid:

 Self-rescue is the responsibility of your group. Communication of any kind, even in an emergency, is not possible from the High Camp Hut. If a member of your group is injured or becomes ill on the trail or at the Hut, you cannot rely on outside help. Plan ahead and be prepared to execute a self-rescue. Your group should be equipped with first-aid supplies and have experience in emergency medical procedures. Before departing for your trip, leave the following information with a responsible friend or relative: Your automobile make and license plate number, the trailhead where you will be parking, and your exact travel plans, including dates, routes, and plans in case of emergency.

Ideas for meals:

There are several catering companies in Telluride that can help, or you and your friends can have a pot luck where everyone brings part of a meal. I have had success with 1. Pasta meals- someone brings the sauce and everyone brings something to go in the sauce. 2. Chinese stew also works - start with coconut milk, chicken broth and curry paste and people bring things like baby corn, peas, red peppers, chicken, shrimp or tofu. We encourage you to be creative and, at the same time, enjoy the pleasure of preparing a meal together.


Please take it out with you. This way we keep the animals out. We cannot take your trash so do not leave it. We provide trash bags at the hut for your departure.

Cleaning up and Departing the High Camp Hut: 

Please leave the Hut clean. Sweep the floors, fold up and put away blankets, wipe down the kitchen and dining area, clean and put away the dishes. Restock the wood. Turn off the propane stove. Bag up the garbage and carry it out with you. Make sure all the doors are closed. Try to make it cleaner than how you found it and place as you remember it. We rely on you and appreciate the help!

Guest Book:

 Reading and writing in the logbook is a tradition. Please share your thoughts and maybe see them as positive reviews for our website or Instagram