preparation 101


Start with… FIND YOUR CREW!

One would say the most important part. Hut holds up to 12 - so only your best-est friends


Next >>>> Reserve your date

Dates go quickly at High Camp. Make sure to book in advance to make sure you get your spot.

Your friends can Venmo you later …



Prepare for success:

As trip LEADER you need to lead your troops to victory.

Urge them to check out this page & FAQ page to get psyched. Get them set on location and directions.

Instagram is great too ;)


Talking packing

Backpacks, backpacks, backpacks. The more goods you can get into these soft goods shoulder strapping, waist holding - life savers the better. You never know when you need to get out of the backcountry or a machine breaks down if we are hauling gear.

For food: Cardboard boxes work great and can burn once used so you can go light down too.



inside the pack

Backpack, bag liner, comfy clothes, slippers, water bottle, swim suit, towel, toiletries, and less things!

For around the hut : Snowshoes, skis, more sleds (we have some), camera



You don’t need to bring

Water for the whole trip we have drinking and wash water, basic spices, too many clothes, huge coolers, seriously you dont need that many clothes, large duffles, sleeping bags, pillows, extra blankets - all not needed!


Hauling ????

We are here to haul up your gear so you can go as light as you wish. We meet you at the bottom to load up and will meet you at the top. Good for longer stays, if you have kids and they can’t haul up their gear, big parties, or just want to bring that little extra. If you need a haul down too we do that.



Ready Yet?

Dates go quick - book yours now!