It all started when…

We all left college in search of the "real world." 5 years of traveling found us collectively in Australia and New Zealand to off the grid in the Alaskan wilderness, we ventured down south to Central America and kept going to volunteer for a stint in Peru. From as far as Asian to a quick 3 month Eurotrip to road tripping the Americas and Canadian Rockies we found a grounded philosophy in giving back to being the way of life. This page is the stories we are telling of how manifesting kindness, generosity and just being good stuarts keep your enthusiasm high and not to mention is just good business - if that's your thing. Check out our partners and who we support!


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Imagine, as a kid you could choose to explore a true backcountry environment deep in the heart of some of the most intense mountain ranges in the US. To live off the gird with your comrades getting experiences classrooms only dream of giving. And its Free. The Telluride Foundation and the Telluride Watershed Education Program (WEP) does frequent trips to High Camp to educate our youth in outdoor education, avalanche safety, snow science, wilderness basics and all types of environmental necessities to instill in their young age. We applaud. 

Montrose county has per capita one of the highest concentration of Vets in the whole US. Leads not only aids in offering amazing programming for them but has dialed out coaching and educating for their families, adaptive athletes and our youth alike. We proudly partner with them in their vision to making the backcountry accessible for all!


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All Hands and Hearts is best explained in this little excerpt from a post Chelsey made back when we were volunteering down in Peru:

Most of you know Matt and I have been in Peru for the last few weeks volunteering. We are staying in chulacanas and helping to build a school in yapatera, working with All Hands- an AWESOME volunteer organization. This area of Peru is very remote and removed from big cities (yet absolutely gorgeous with mountain backdrops), so they get very little attention from the government. There were massive floods a few months ago here that wiped out a lot of people’s entire lives. One of the big needs they have in recovering from the devastation is new schools as thousands of children are out of education right now. We have loved our time here so far. The volunteers are amazing people and the locals are so sweet, humble and happy. We work HARD every day for 8 hours in the blazing hot sun but it is all very worth it- especially when we get free mangos all day from the locals nearby! We will be working here for another week and then heading back to MN for thanksgiving. Can’t wait to see some of you. This is a wonderful organization that I feel strongly is truly doing good in the world. The founder actually came to visit us yesterday and talked all about transparency and how donors know exactly where all their money is going and the main goal really is to just HELP in whatever way is needed most. We proudly support and will continue our volunteering with such and amazing organization!